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History of red neckties

Croatian Flag

For almost 400 years Croatian mercenaries used a scarf like piece of cloth to tie the top of their uniforms: The origin of the modern necktie. Later on during the 30 year war (1618-1638) Croatian soldiers marched to Paris to support King Louis VIII. Impressed with the functionality and comfort of the Croatian scarf, King Louis quickly adopted this trend. Soon after, the Croatian scarf got the French name “la cravat”, and for the first time became a fashion accessory for the upper class.

first red necktie

The initial color of the neckties worn by the Croats, was just like a large part of their flag, mostly red in color. As a fashion accessory the red necktie came much later. As a fashion accessory, the red necktie didn’t come about until the beginning of the 20th century. Initially neckties as part of a fashion accessory were exclusively worn by the French upper class and were typically white in color. Later on, during the 19th century, the British were the first to make the black necktie a tradition during formal events.

The first red neckties came also from Britain. In 1880 the British militayr decided to abandon their bright ly colored uniforms that used to make easy to spot targets for their enemies. The tradition of their regimental colors remained on their uniform as part of a necktie - called regimental necktie. Many British regiments were burgundy red, and as a result many regimental ties also had red as one of the major colors (typically striped patterns with navy blue, forest green, or sand-tone yellow.

The first bright and solid colored red ties were worn in Spain since 1910 during the “Running of the Bulls” festival that traditioonallty lased for 9 days. Today the red necktie is one of teh most popluar necktie colors. Wearing a red colored silk tie is a greaet way to add some color to the typical plain and conservative suit and tie look.

red neckties and running of the bulls

Red Neckties: The history of red neckties, when did the red neckties become a fashion accessory?