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How to match red neckties

Red is one of the most popular necktie colors, but despite its popularity, many men have problems matching over 20 differnt shades of red that are typically found in silk fabrics. Unlike the color blue, some shades of red really hurt the eye when wearing them together. Bright red and purple or pink would be a very painful red color combination.

The right color combinations for red:

The easiest way to match a red necktie:

You can never go wrong with a dark dray suit and a white dress shirt. With this classic combination, any necktie color and design works well - some slightly better than others. If you are picking a really bright red colored necktie, than a lighter shade of gray suit is preferred over the dark charcoal gray one.

The second easiest way to match a red tie:

Another easy way to match a red silk necktie is by choosing a red tie that also has some other colors. Those colors should also be found in other parts of your attire. The most typical are dress shirt, or other accessories such as belt and shoes. A good example would combining a red tie with blue stripes together with a blue dress shirt and a gray suit. Another great example would be a red necktie that also has a shade of brown in it. combine this tie with a tan colored suit, white dress shirt, and brown belt and brown dress shoes.

A little more challenging:

When choosing different shades of red for differnt pieces of clothing, matching the color red can be a little more difficult. As a general rule: Only combine bright red colors in differnt parts of clothing, if the color matches exacly. But be careful that you don’t over-do this. A solid bright red dress shirt with a solid color bright red necktie in the same color would look quite interesting - and not suited for business attire.

Instead, when wearing the exact red color shade in differnt parts of your clothing, then this color should only be found in small portions. A red and white striped or checkered dress shirt, matches well with a solid color red necktie in the same red tone.

If you want to match the color red in a solid colored red dress shirt, then it is advisable to create a contrast in the color or the color shade. Either have a completely different color: Maroon colored dress shirt and navy blue tie for example, or wear colors that are very close to one another but are only different in lightness: Light and dark pink combination for example.

What else to consieder when combiing clothing?

Correct coor matching is most important when matching pieces of clothing. For most men, this is quite easy since most suit and dress shirt colors are usually easy to match. Besied color matching there are two other things to consider for correct necktie matching:


Matching patterns in clothing is viewed as difficult by many men. Matching a striped or checkred dress shirt with a suit and tie is often times seen as a difficult task. In fact, most men only wear striped dress shirts when not wearing a tie.

Knowing how to match a tie corectly to a patterned dress shirt really shows that you have a sense of fashion, and that you enjoy a sophisticated an elegant style. To make things really simple, follow the following rule: Avoid matchign patterns taht are too similar in size. A fine checkers shirt for example should not be matched with a fine striped necktie. Instead choose patterns in differnt sizes. If you do this, then wearing suit, shirt and tie with patterns is no problem.

Fabric material and thickness:

Pay attention to the thickness of the material. During the winter months, most suits that are part of a designer’s fall and winter collection, are made from a thicker material. The easiest way is not to wear materials and color that are meant for differnt seasons.

As far as neckties are concerned, brighter colors are more suited for the spring and summer. The fall and winter usually calls for shades of brown, burgundy, and darker shades of blue, as well as gray.