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Psychology of red colors

Colors in the clothing you choose express your mood and personality. Formal men’s clothing is usually quite blend, and typically colors of gray, black, and blue are common for suits. For dress shirts the plain white colored one is the most common before blue dress shirts.

Conservative colors of suit and shirt are preferred in business. The only part where color is acceptable and fashionable is the necktie. If you want to go with a conservative look, then stick with classic and darker necktie colors. Burgundy red, gray, and dark blue neckties are some good examples.

What about a red necktie? The color red is typically associated with bold and out-going personality types. The brighter the color, the bolder of a statement you will make. Although bright red neckties are quite bold they are anything but tacky - as long as matched correctly. A light gray suit with very subtle pin-stripes, a white dress shirt, and a solid color bright red necktie, is quite fashionable, especially in the spring and summer -the most popular time of the year for brighter and lighter colors in both women’s and men’s fashion.

solid color red tie stripes

If you like to wear a bright red necktie, but are unsure about how it is perceived in the office, warm-up your colleagues with a slightly darker shade of red first, or a bright red striped tie. A red tie with light blue stripes or patterns would be a great choice.

red silk tie with blue patternred silk striped necktie