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The shades of red

There are over 16 million different shades of colors in the entire color spectrum. To differentiate between all those colors, graphic designers typically speak from pantone colors. To describe specific color shades in terms of pantone (combination of letters and numbers) is also common in the textile industry and production of fabrics.

The distinction between the 16 million+ different colors is impossible for the human eye. To make things much easier to describe a particular shade, a list of color was created, giving each shade a unique name.

As far as the color red is concerned, there are over 30 different shades. Most fashion designers name their colors after this list. Not only is this much easier to comprehend for a non-graphics designer, but giving each shade of red a unique name also sounds a lot more elegant and much better suited for fashion. The list of colors for the shade of red is listed below (please click on the image for a better view):

list of textile colors, shades of red

The light red shades:

The light red color tones include the popular pink, magenta, fuchsia, and rose. All those light colors are more common in the female fashion world and in the make-up industry. For men’s fashion those light shades of red are only present to some degree in accessories such as neckties, bow ties, pocket squares, and also dress shirts. As far as neckties are concerned, the light red shades are popular color choices for many fashion designers’ spring and summer collection. One of the most well known celebrities wearing pink neckties is no other than Donald Trump.

Bright Red Colors:

The bright red colors include the shades of red, orange-red, fire engine red, and scarlet. Bright red ties make quite a bold statement and match best with a dark gray or even black suit. Bright red is also a popular color for skinny neckties, that often are worn with a solid black dress shirt.

Dark red and burgundy:

Maroon and burgundy are classic red colors for neckties. They are colorful, but yet consetrvative to be worn as a classic business tie. Neckties in a dark burgundy red are popular choices amoung politicians and TV hosts.